Online Labs

Online Labs - Questions and Answers

Q: What are these labs for?
A: These online labs can help you to prepare for ICND1, ICND2, CCENT or CCNA courses and exams. They are available for everyone who wants to experiment with some Cisco IOS commands and has no access to real Cisco devices.

Q: Are these labs completely free?
A: Yes, as everything else in this website. However, any donation will be highly appreciated and will be spent to keep the labs 24/7 available.

Q: How many devices can I login to?
A: You can have active sessions maximum to two devices simultaneously, no matter if they are from the same lab or not.

Q: How long can I stay login to the devices?
A: As long as you want. After resetting a lab your connections will be cleared but you can always reconnect if the device is still available.

Q: How do I know which devices are available?
A: Every lab has its status tables. Check which devices are currently marked in green with label "Available" and go ahead.

Q: Are all Cisco IOS commands available?
A: Yes, the devices are running OS comparable with Cisco's IPBASE images so all commands from this feature set should be available and working.

Q: I opened a connection but nothing appears. What do I do?
A: Press ENTER few times. If nothing happens most probably the device is in use by someone else.

Q: I cannot login with the provided credentials. What should I do?
A: It looks like somebody changed the default credentials. They will be valid again after the next lab reset. Check the status table or if it is urgent for you please contact us by sending email to contact(at)solarian(dot)fr.

Q: Can I change the topologies?
A: No. The labs are predefined and are with their own purpose. If you want your custom lab, feel free to contact us by sending email to contact(at)solarian(dot)fr.