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CCNA L2 Switching Lab

The following free lab is available for everyone out there who wants to experiment and test with live Cisco IOS. Few major features as VTP, Port-Channel and Spanning Tree are preconfigured and established. The lab can help you in your CCNA, CCENT or ICND preparation. You have full access to all switches with user in privilege level 15 so you can make changes and experiment with your own configurations.

Network diagram and initial configuration

The following is the scheme of the lab. You have direct access to the CONSOLE port on each device. The lab is initialized with some basic configurations which are used after every lab reset that is happening every 8 hours.

L2 Lab Scheme

VTP - By default VTP version 2 is configured with two VLANs that are populated by DSTR1 switch. You can check its startup config by issuing the following command:

DSTR1#more unix:startup-config

Port-channel - The interfaces e0/0 and e0/1 on both distribution switches are configured in Port-channel with LACP protocol. You can check the status of the port-channel by running the following command:

DSTR1#show etherchannel summary

Spanning tree protocol - The running spanning tree protocol is the most complex Rapid-PVST+ mode. The first distribution switch DSTR1 is a root bridge for VLAN 10 while the second distribution switch DSTR2 is the root bridge for VLAN 20. This means that at the end there are two completely different spanning tree topologies for both VLANs. Check the spanning tree status on each switch with the following command:

DSTR2#show spanning-tree

Lab Access and Status

All devices can be accessed via telnet protocol by using the hostname and the ports from the table below. The initial credentials are:

  • username: admin
  • password: learncisconet
  • enable secret: learncisconet

Please, do not change the default credentials.

The following tables contain the current status of the lab.

Labs will be back soon...

If you have any problems or questions, please check our FAQ section.